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The RevX Difference

The RevX Difference
RevX is built to deliver performance with full transparency. Our mission is to end black box advertising

No SDK Integration

RevX doesn't require any SDK integration to run your marketing campaign. We are integrated with all major mobile tracking and analytics platforms like TUNE, Apsalar, AppsFlyer, Adjust, Kochava and more for data on-boarding and attribution.

Stack of coins showing flexible and transparent pricing offered by RevX

Flexible Pricing

RevX is a pure-play technology platform and we don’t play the pricing game. We offer a fully flexible and transparent pricing model. Select a pricing model that works for you- media cost plus commission or pay-for-performance (CPC,CPA).

100% Transparency

It's your campaign and you should have complete transparency. Get full visibility into inventory, targeted users, ad quality, publisher quality and more. We are ending black box advertising.

Scale performance icon

Performance @ Scale

RevX's integration with global mobile exchanges, access to native inventory and predictive algorithms help you reach high intent users and increase mobile engagement rates. Furthermore, our team of data scientists analyses every client's data to build a prediction model that works for you.

Account Success Team

Our robust technology is complemented by a dedicated team of campaign managers and optimization specialists who look at each and every campaign in great detail. Our experience of delivering thousands of campaigns coupled with a data-driven approach ensures that we enhance campaign reach and meet your ROI goals.

Paintbrush and artboard showing creativity

Creative Team

Our in-house creative team constantly builds innovative creative templates and works with every client to design the ads that meet their brand guidelines. RevX automatically A/B tests creative templates to deliver the best performing ads.