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Improve your Facebook ad performance with predictive analytics and machine-learning
Predictive Cohort Analysis

Apply predictive analytics to understand the behavioral and intent patterns of your app users with RevX. In the process, RevX enriches your first party data with the learnings from user’s content consumption behavior outside Facebook and build more effective cohorts.

Dynamic Audience Segmentation

Build richer audience segments than what you can do on Facebook. For example, RevX can create segments based on user’s propensity to convert, the frequency of visits, the probability of churn at every stage of the conversion funnel, price sensitivity, expected time to complete a transaction, and many other predicted and observed behaviors.

Product Catalogue Based Audiences

Combine the event postback from Facebook with the product catalog data to create more granular users segments. For example, with RevX you can further segment users who browsed products from a specific brand and/or within a particular price range even if this information is unavailable in the event postbacks.

Bid and Budget Optimization

Machine-learning technology continuously monitors both Facebook and programmatic campaigns to optimize bidding and budget across both channels. This makes your marketing dollars more effective. Our customers see 30-40% better ROI on the Facebook campaign when running with “SocialX” platform.

Managed Service

Our account managers run thousands of app retargeting campaign and are expert in delivering performance across e-Commerce, travel, gaming, and on-demand verticals. We can execute your Facebook campaigns to maximize return on the marketing spend.