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Increase in App Engagement
Increase in New Buyer Conversion Rate
Increase in CTR with Dynamic Ads


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ZALORA is South-East Asia’s leading online fashion retailer selling both local and international brands across different categories such as womenswear, menswear, footwear, accessories, beauty, sports and more. Headquartered in Singapore, they have local presence in 10 nations.


Zalora operates in 10 very different markets in the South East Asian region. Zalora’s marketing team had been working to increase app distribution but engagement remained a challenge. With over 5 million app installs, Zalora was looking for a solution to increase engagement and revenue on the mobile app.

To get most out of the installed base, Zalora was specifically interested in reaching out to users who had installed the app, but had never made a purchase. Furthermore, Zalora was looking for a mobile app retargeting partner that could deliver on market specific ROI across 10 various markets with respect to product catalogues, language, price sensitivity and mobile app ecosystem. Zalora partnered with RevX for mobile app retargeting across its different markets.


• RevX campaigns, customized for each market and optimized to drive sales from first time buyers, delivered on both revenue and return on ad spend (RoAS) metrics enabling Zalora’s marketing team to increase app conversion rate.

• RevX’s SDK-less approach enabled quick data integration and fool-proof attribution through the client’s mobile measurement partner. Zalora imposed a unique integration challenge around geo customization. It has a single mobile app with different vernacular interfaces and a local product catalogue for each market. RevX successfully handled geo-specific user data and product catalogue segregation without requiring separate integration for each geo.

• Highly personalized Mobile App ads ensured that each customer saw the right fashion product ad. Moreover, RevX’s dynamic ad engine powered with deeplink support also ensured that every Zalora customer saw localized product ads based on their geo location and upon clicking the ad, the user was redirected to geo-specific localized product page within the app.

• RevX’s dedicated account executive team worked with Zalora’s marketing team to understand their requirements and optimize campaigns on a continuous basis to deliver superior performance.


RevX’s conversion prediction engine, massive programmatic reach on app inventory, and geo-optimized campaigns helped Zalora increase app conversion rate across all markets. Zalora achieved an impressive 45% increase in app engagement and a 65% increase in conversion rate for new users. RevX delivered these results at market specific CPA targets – from the least price sensitive, iOS dominant Singapore market to the highly price sensitive, android dominant Vietnam.

Zalora mobile ad interstitial ad native ad case study RevX

RevX's App re-engagement solution helped us expand the reach of our campaigns and increase conversions. We were impressed with their expertise in the App re-targeting ecosystem. We value our relationship with RevX and look forward to more success stories together.

Kaushal Bhalotia,
Head- Online Marketing, Zalora