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Lower Cost Per Install
Lower Acquisition Cost
Scale in Post-Install Orders 


"Extensive programmatic reach and optimization based on machine learning, makes RevX User Acquisition solution promising. The platform contributed meaningfully to the growth of our app user base while delivering on our end goal of driving new user orders. The Click-to-Install and Install-to-Action rates driven by RevX have consistently been above benchmark, making it one of our valuable mobile UA partners."

Sudeep Bansal,
AVP Marketing, Swiggy



Swiggy is India’s leading online food ordering and delivery platform. Having started as a small setup in August 2014, they are now operational in above 200 cities and have over 1,00,000 restaurants on their platform. With innovative technology, large and nimble delivery service, and exceptional consumer focus; Swiggy is transforming the way India eats.


With the goal to let more users order food from the comfort of their home, Swiggy was looking for a partner who could

Enable ideal users to discover and install their app at RevX

Enable ideal users to discover and install their app

Drive post-install engagement and orders- RevX

Drive post-install engagement and orders

Effectively detect and eliminate fraud-RevX

Effectively detect and eliminate fraud


  1. Programmatic Inventory: RevX’s fully programmatic ad platform, integration with leading global as well as local ad exchanges such as Google, Mopub, Columbia, InMobi Exchange etc. enabled Swiggy to
    • Directly access premium and completely non-incentivized in app inventory of popular Indian apps
    • Reach 300M users in over 550K verified apps across India
    • Layer conversion data over app users to discover and target high intent users resulting in quality installs at scale
  2. Fraud Prevention: Our aiCube technology is designed to automatically weed out fraud and suspicious bid requests in real-time. It validates every app publisher for 15+ quality checks such as malware, adware, brand-unsafe contents, valid ADID, app store rating and more to ensure their ads appeared in an entirely fraud-free, high-performance and brand safe environment.
  3. Prediction Model: Our proprietary machine learning model helped Swiggy identify and acquire quality users with maximum likelihood to place an order after installing the app. Additionally, the model continuously optimized the campaign to maximize returns and maintain Swiggy’s target user acquisition cost.
  4. Creative Strategy: To engage users most-efficiently, we ran mobile-optimized ads across formats such as banner, native, interstitial and video. With time, the platform identified the best performing ad formats and automatically optimized the campaign budget resulting in a better scale.
    Video Interstitial Ad Native Ad
  5. Daypart Targeting: The platform automatically optimized the campaign to reach users during most relevant day-of-the-week and time-of-the-day ultimately driving maximum app installs.

swiggy case study by RevX on app install

swiggy case study by RevX on app install swiggy case study by RevX on app install