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ShopClues Boosts Conversion with RevX


Increase in Traffic by RevX
Increase in Conversions by RevX
High Click Through Rate

Shopclues case study ad was conceptualized in June 2011 and in less than three years, it has emerged amongst top five E-Commerce companies in India. With more than 50 million monthly visitors, Shopclues has seen over 600% year-on-year growth since inception.


Shopclues had set out to achieve aggressive performance marketing targets with a primary focus on increasing transactions, acquiring customers and ensuring repeat purchases. They partnered with RevX to achieve high Conversion Scale and better Return on Ad Spend


RevX prediction model is built intelligently to ‘learn’ about the client’s customer in order to segment and target them.
Upon partnering with Shopclues, RevX technology kicked off the following to render the model ready for meeting client objectives:

1. Collected events for creating the model

  • Flat bid(with a high value) for a few days to ensure that enough bids are won and ads served across various inventories

2. Monitored ‘Area Under Curve’ (AUC) scores

  • To determine that the model has learnt enough

3. Enabled prediction model upon reaching stability

  • Ironed out fluctuations in performance metrics such as CTR and CVR

Prediction model results enabled advance audience segmentation. This information was used by RevX account managers to create campaign strategies that target high intent customers based on recency and frequency, across the most effective inventory channels.


RevX achieved the objectives set by Shopclues displayed by a consistently improving month-over-month performance! 


RevX Display Remarketing Solution is fully integrated with our digital marketing strategy. We have observed consistent performance with month increase in qualified clicks and conversions and have complete confidence in RevX’s technology.

-Nitin Agarwal, Sr. Director, Marketing, Shopclues