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Higher Seller Contact Ratio
RevX vs Other Retargeting Channels
Decrease in Cost per Lead

Sample Mobile Ad shown to users-Native Ad & Interstistial Ad for Lamudi

Lamudi is an online real estate classified marketplace present in more than 10 countries. With more than 500,000 listings worldwide, it offer sellers, buyers, landlords and renters a secure and easy-to-use platform to find or list properties online.


With 2mn+ app installs, Lamudi wanted to work with a mobile marketing partner who could

a. Increase seller contact ratio
b. Decrease cost per lead generated
c. Bring proven expertise in the mobile growth strategy


  • Lead Score Segmentation - RevX combined its recommendation algorithm with user browsing behavior to segment users into different lead scores based on their interaction with property type, location, price etc. and optimized media buying based on user’s lead score category.
  • Auto Feed Generation - RevX leveraged its in-house feed generation tool to auto create property listing feed which enabled running real estate focused personalized dynamic ads driving enhanced performance.
  • Native Ads - RevX leveraged its integration with top native exchanges to run captivating, in-feed mobile native creatives driving higher engagement.

“The RevX team provided exceptional support, designed amazing creatives and outperformed on key campaign goals. They were able to achieve significant scale within a short duration showcasing their depth in mobile marketing.”

Cathy Wong,
Senior Mobile Marketing Manager, Lamudi