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Lower than Target CPA
Increase in MoM Bookings

Sample Mobile Ad shown to users-Native Ad & Interstistial Ad

UrbanClap is India’s leading marketplace for local services. It’s a one stop destination for all urban lifestyle services helping users hire any professional, from sofa cleaners and carpenters to real estate lawyers, architects, dieticians and more.


Working in the highly competitive and challenging hyperlocal ecosystem, UrbanClap wanted to work with a partner who could

a. Drive app engagement and incremental bookings at the lowest cost
b. Enable location based targeting
c. Provide full visibility into campaign metrics and actual media spend


  • Audience Segmentation - RevX’s DMP technology helped build real-time user cohorts based on various attributes such as location, affinity to service category and booking history.
  • Dynamic Ads for Hyperlocal Services - RevX leveraged its dynamic ad technology and custom creative templates to create personalized ads specifically designed for hyperlocal marketplace use cases.
  • 100% Transparency - The technology fee model took arbitrage out of the picture and aligned UrbanClap and RevX interests, resulting in a strong collaborative relationship. While initially the CPA driven by RevX was slightly higher than target, overtime, the CPA decreased and scale increased as the system learnt and collected data and accrued these learnings to optimize for UrbanClap’s CPA rather than RevX’s margin (refer graph below).

Graph showing comparision between UrbanClap's CPA Target vs Actual CPA with Tech Fee Pricing delivered by RevX

“We are impressed with the unparalleled transparency and flexibility the RevX platform offers - typically not seen in other retargeting platforms. When RevX approached us with their transparent technology fee model, we were hesitant in the beginning as all other retargeting platforms operate on CPC or CPA pricing with no transparency. However, the technology fee model gave us complete transparency on the actual media spends and consistently lowered our cost of acquisition. We are delighted to partner with RevX for app retargeting.”

Manu Gupt,
VP - Marketing & Growth, UrbanClap