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Return on Ad Spend
In-App Purchase Uplift
Retargeted vs Non-retargeted Users

Sample Mobile Ad shown to users-Native Ad & Interstistial Ad for Backflip Studios

Backflip Studios develops and publishes absurdly fun mobile games. With a portfolio of top ranked games such as Paper Toss, DragonVale, NinJump, their games have been downloaded over 300 million times and are played by more than 30 million active users per month.


Backflip Studios wanted to run a retargeting campaign with a partner who could

  1. Reactivate lapsed purchasers
  2. Drive in-app purchases from active users
  3. Deliver positive RoAS


  • Audience Segmentation - RevX leveraged its real time audience segmentation engine to divide users into cohorts based on their in-app activity and purchase behavior. Campaigns were optimized for each user cohort to drive higher RoAS.
  • A/B Testing - By running A/B tests across key campaign attributes like creatives and audiences, the team was able to determine key levers which boosted user engagement.
  • Account Success Team - RevX and TMGA’s dedicated account success team worked closely with the Backflip Studios’ marketing team to ensure the campaign’s success. Building on platform’s 100% transparency motto, the team shared granular insights and ensured regular creative refresh to reduce ad fatigue.

“Our partnership with TMGA and RevX has delivered amazing results. The team not only exceeded our goals but also impressed us with the level of transparency and customer centricity shown. We look forward to a fruitful and an enduring relationship.”

Greg McQueen,
Backflip Studios