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7 Days
Inactive Users Targeted
Reach of Targeted Users
CTR with High Engagement and Low Cost 


Singapore’s leading one-stop searchable database of restaurants & bars; specializing in user-generated reviews. It is a fully owned subsidiary of one of Asia’s leading communications group.


The client had invested heavily in driving app installations. However, the percentage of active users & their time spent on the app was consistently declining. The client needed a method to revive user interest and increase engagement on their mobile app.


RevX’s no-SDK approach required minimal intervention from the client and the campaign was operational in less than a week. The campaign strategy involved creating segments of inactive users, serving dynamic ads based on restaurant offers and recommendation, and optimizing the bidding strategy to achieve high reach and ROI. The strategy successfully revived users’ interests and increased app engagement.


RevX forged a long-term relationship with the client and continues to be their preferred partner for mobile app retargeting.

  • Reached ~80% of all inactive users who had installed the app, and not used in 7 days
  • Delivered high engagement at low cost with a CTR of 0.5