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Return on Advertising Spend
Higher average transaction value over client's average
Increase in Month-over-Month average transaction size


Indonesia’s number one deals portal with a strong presence in food, lifestyle & travel segments.


The client had invested heavily in acquiring user memberships. However, there was a steady rise in user drop rate at different stages of the purchase cycle. The client wanted to re-engage these users with relevant content thereby, increasing the total number of transactions.


RevX’s advanced audience management platform enabled the creation of granular user segments. Users were retargeted on Display & FBX with their preferred products and categories. A greater focus was placed on users with interest in deals & products with high transaction value.


  • 14.5 return on advertising spend (RoAS)
  • 45% higher average transaction value over client’s average transaction value
  • 13% increase in M-o-M average transaction size
  • Increased lifetime value of customer through cross-selling & up-selling products & deal

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