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Increase in RevX driven
New User Conversion over 6 months
Lower than Target
Customer Activation Cost

Sample Mobile Ad shown to users-Native Ad & Interstistial Ad for Grofers for App Retargeting

Grofers is one of India’s leading hyperlocal delivery companies. With presence across multiple cities, Grofers offers a wide assortment of groceries, fruits and vegetables, cosmetics and more.


Working in the highly competitive hyperlocal delivery services, Grofers wanted to work with a partner who:

Online Travel App Marketing- RevX

Has a mobile first approach

Location based targeting for ecommerce- RevX

Can enable location based targeting

Positive RoAS for mobile app marketing- RevX

Increase new user conversion rate


  • Location-based Targeting - RevX’s granular targeting capability enabled Grofers to run personalized campaigns with messaging tailored to user’s location and preferred grocery stores.
  • Category Targeting - RevX used its real-time audience intelligence engine to segment users and deliver dynamic ads based on their interest and affinity to purchase specific grocery items.
  • Travel Day-part Targeting - RevX’s AI model automatically optimized campaigns based on day-of-the-week and time-of-the-day to show ads when user was most likely to order grocery resulting in enhanced campaign performance and positive brand affinity.

“We are impressed with the scale and performance delivered by RevX. They were the only retargeting platform that was able to run new user activation campaigns. We are delighted to have RevX as our sole retargeting partner.”

Snehal Samant,
AVP-Growth, Grofers