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Return on Ad Spend is Asia’s largest retailer of baby & kid’s products. It is headquartered in Pune,India and has a strong presence both online & offline.


Firstcry wanted to reach users who dropped off their desktop or mobile website using personalized ads on Facebook to drive sales.The challenge was to combine the user’s website behavior data across multiple devices and reach them seamlessly on every device.


RevX’s Facebook Remarketing Solution is built to enhance the efficacy of Facebook’s Native Ads Solution

We took a three - pronged approach:

1. Segment Specific Targeting Strategy

  • Identified granular customer segments using Firstcry’s CRM database, mobile & desktop website data
  • Ran separate strategies for acquiring first time buyers through incentive based messaging

2. Personalized & Product Recommendation Ads

  • Displayed Dynamic Multi-product Ads showcasing products browsed & top sellers in related categories

3. Optimized Campaigns to Lower Cost of Sales

  • Focused on increasing Click Conversions & RoAS by optimizing campaign based on user intent signals


RevX has forged a long term relationship with Firstcry and continues to be their preferred partner for remarketing! 

firstcry case study mobile ad

RevX helped us leverage Facebook remarketing effectively. We are able to reach a larger user base of new and existing customers through RevX’s enhancements over Facebook native ads solution.Facebook now contributes to more than 50% of total transactions coming from RevX.Firstcry values its relationship with RevX and has a great partnership so far.

-Vivek Singh, VP-Marketing, Partnerships & Analytics, Firstcry