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Mobile Talk
Walk the Talk with Industry's Leading Mobile Marketing Executives

In Conversation with Shopclues: Arif Ehsan

Mobile Talk is a blog series where we learn from industry’s leading mobile marketers about the challenges and uncover the key strategies for success in this ever-evolving and dynamic landscape. For our first edition, we interviewed Arif who has been a part of the industry for many years and currently heads the Digital Marketing at Shopclues, one of India’s leading marketplace.


"Native ad format has the best CTR. We don’t see a similar impact from banner ads."

Arif Ehsan
Director- Digital Marketing

What is your biggest challenge in mobile marketing?

A: With uninstall rates being higher than 90%, app retention remains the biggest challenge in mobile marketing. Next is the lower conversion percentage on mWeb as a platform. Additionally, when it comes to Tier 2,3,4 cities where we want to have a higher market share, it’s difficult to scale with efficiency due to the audience fitment.

Where do you see retargeting in your overall mobile strategy?

A: Retargeting plays an essential role in our mobile strategy. With its capability to retarget users with dynamic personalized ads, we are continuously leveraging it to enhance the user engagement and ultimately chase our objective of increasing the DAUs, MAUs and DAU/MAU ratio.

What will be your advice to marketers for a successful mobile marketing strategy?

A: Having a common objective for both app and mobile web is essential. Apps generally have higher repeat rate and conversions when compared to mWeb. A marketer should take a holistic approach to analyze the performance of both the platforms and have a cohesive plan in place to succeed.

Which is your favorite ad format (Native, Banner, Interstitial) and why?

A: Native ad format has the best CTR. We don’t see a similar impact from banner ads. However, we also analyze other metrics rather than solely focusing on the creative format. For instance, if Native’s CTR is better but CPM is too high or vice versa, then that would make no sense.

Which RevX feature you like the most?

A: The RevX dashboard is quite efficient and user-friendly. One of the features that’s really useful for us is the option of being able to segment campaigns as per the requirement. They also now have the functionality to optimize product recommendations towards maximizing conversions which has undoubtedly improved the performance a lot.


About Shopclues is India’s first online Managed Marketplace that connects buyers and sellers online and offers a trusted and safe online shopping environment. With their customer centric approach they provide the best online shopping experience to its customers – starting from the best selection, great technology, perfect fulfillment and ending with the best customer service they have ever experienced.


About RevX
RevX is an app retargeting platform that powers growth for mobile businesses through dynamic retargeting. The platform is built on integrated and transparent technology combining four key pillars - audience intelligence, programmatic media, personalized ads, and ROI optimization. Mobile marketers across verticals like e-Commerce, travel, lifestyle, hyperlocal and gaming use RevX to enhance user engagement by activating new users, converting existing users and re-activating lapsed users.

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