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I have been involved with digital ad technology for the past six years and have had the privilege of both witnessing and participating in the fastest-growing and one of the most demanding technology landscape today.

Today, I give you a glimpse of this journey – about the humble beginnings of RevX technology stack and how it has evolved into a programmatic beast, with several parts working in tandem to make cross-channel performance marketing efficient and effective for our advertisers.

We launched performance advertising platform for mobile app about six months ago in India and South East Asia, and have made significant progress in helping app developers grow post-install engagement through our data-powered, programmatic platform. RevX helps app developer engage with their app users on 15000 other distinct apps with highly-targeted, personalized ads, and automatically optimizes media buy to deliver on marketers ROI goals.

Allow me to introduce you to Nick. Nick works as a Campaign Manager for an E-commerce giant. In his free time, he enjoys tap dancing. He has had a successful career so far and is recently made responsible for running the company's remarketing efforts in a new geography. In the absence of information about geography specific parameters that would fetch him desired results, Nick, smart guy that he is, uses lessons from the existing market.

At RevX, we are constantly trying new ways of working together as a team and coming up with solutions that make managing digital media simpler and effective. With offices in 12 cities across the globe, our PMs and designers are located at different offices which does bring a collaboration challenge as we need to make sure all stake holders are on the same page throughout all phases of the product design. We use a bunch of tools and techniques to work around this challenge and ensure the team works in sync.

The importance of various data signals for Remarketing

User Remarketing is one of the effective techniques used by marketers today to get their site-visitors to purchase on their online store. While SEM, social and branding campaigns drive new traffic to your website, remarketing encourages the site visitor to go further down the purchase funnel by showing a highly relevant message, while being selective in going after the users so as to optimize your ROI. Remarketing depends on user data (website, CRM, social, emails etc) to be able to do so and the success of any remarketing campaign largely depends on how good the data collection is. The browsing pattern of the user on your property (website or app) can be a great asset to you when it comes to remarketing. The footprints users leave behind on your property can help you understand what he was looking for and how strong was his intent. For an existing customer the browsing data can be combined with purchase history or profile data to deliver even more effective messaging.This blog touches upon the key data signals marketers should focus on extracting and the mechanics of extraction.

Adaptive Ads

A banner ad typically is a rectangular advertisement placed on websites either on top, bottom or sides of the website’s regular content. Here are the 3 most important parts of a banner ad-

1. Call to action

2. Color, images, and background

3. Value proposition