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Last month, we announced aiCube, our intelligent engine for mobile advertising. As one of the early partners of Google Ad Exchange in the APAC region, and the first DSP platform out of India, RevX has been at the forefront of the programmatic advertising. Over the years, our scalable infrastructure has helped us onboard several new ad exchanges and invest efficiently in building the optimization engine for the programmatic media buy. aiCube is a significant upgrade to RevX’s integrated technology stack that combines key platform pillars: App Intelligence, Audience Intelligence, Ad Intelligence, and Artificial Intelligence and is focused on delivering results in a brand-safe, programmatic ecosystem for top mCommerce apps across the APAC.

We are excited to introduce a new Product Release series which will be highlighting all the improvements and fresh feature roll-ups we launch, to keep you easily up-to-date on what’s new. Let's delve into our August release- ‘Bulk Edit of Strategies’.

Our new feature ‘Bulk Edit of Strategies’ allows Account Managers and Self-Serve Advertisers to update strategies for various targeting and optimizing parameters such as Bid Price, Bid Type, Frequency Cap etc. across campaigns in bulk, helping them make multiple optimizations at once along with saving considerable amount of time.

We are pleased to announce Dynamic Badges for Native Product Ads, a new distinctive feature making them better than ever. Native ads are high performing, non-obtrusive ad units which adapt itself to the look and the feel of the app where they appear. While this format greatly improves the end user experience, its prescriptive format limits marketing team’s creativity with respect to showcasing the relevant information in product ads. The “Dynamic Badge” feature helps improve the marketing message for the end users by overlaying key product attributes such as brand name, product price, discount, etc. onto the main native ad image in real-time, significantly improving the click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate.

Allow me to introduce you to Nick. Nick works as a Campaign Manager for an E-commerce giant. In his free time, he enjoys tap dancing. He has had a successful career so far and is recently made responsible for running the company's remarketing efforts in a new geography. In the absence of information about geography specific parameters that would fetch him desired results, Nick, smart guy that he is, uses lessons from the existing market.