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Last month, we announced aiCube, our intelligent engine for mobile advertising. As one of the early partners of Google Ad Exchange in the APAC region, and the first DSP platform out of India, RevX has been at the forefront of the programmatic advertising. Over the years, our scalable infrastructure has helped us onboard several new ad exchanges and invest efficiently in building the optimization engine for the programmatic media buy. aiCube is a significant upgrade to RevX’s integrated technology stack that combines key platform pillars: App Intelligence, Audience Intelligence, Ad Intelligence, and Artificial Intelligence and is focused on delivering results in a brand-safe, programmatic ecosystem for top mCommerce apps across the APAC.

We are excited to introduce a new Product Release series which will be highlighting all the improvements and fresh feature roll-ups we launch, to keep you easily up-to-date on what’s new. Let's delve into our August release- ‘Bulk Edit of Strategies’.

Our new feature ‘Bulk Edit of Strategies’ allows Account Managers and Self-Serve Advertisers to update strategies for various targeting and optimizing parameters such as Bid Price, Bid Type, Frequency Cap etc. across campaigns in bulk, helping them make multiple optimizations at once along with saving considerable amount of time.

Retargeting conversions typically surpass other channels, in terms of delivering the lowest CPA’s. But marketers, who look at their data a little more closely, quickly come to realize that typical ‘black-box’ retargeting vendors deliver that superior performance, at the cost of organic traffic.

This blog talks about why it is important to look at the key factors affecting retargeting conversion- “Funnel Position” and “Recency” and chose a retargeting vendor which gives full visibility into inventory, targeted users, ad quality, publisher quality and more.

Marketers are increasingly adopting advanced strategies and technologies for their mobile campaigns. App platforms with a large install base have realized the importance of retaining users rather than just getting more installs. Even new mobile apps with relatively lower but growing install base are beginning to evaluate app retention strategy relatively sooner in the marketing lifecycle. This blog talks about several important factors necessary to kick start a successful app retargeting strategy.

App retargeting is relatively new compared to its web counterpart, which has been around for a decade. However, the technology stack has rapidly evolved to bring functional parity with web, and adoption is growing quickly. Most app marketers are shifting focus towards re-engagement and retention, as acquiring new users becomes increasingly difficult and expensive. In this blog, we look at the evolution of app retargeting across three phases, and how marketers can get the best out of their app retention strategies.


I have been involved with digital ad technology for the past six years and have had the privilege of both witnessing and participating in the fastest-growing and one of the most demanding technology landscape today.

Today, I give you a glimpse of this journey – about the humble beginnings of RevX technology stack and how it has evolved into a programmatic beast, with several parts working in tandem to make cross-channel performance marketing efficient and effective for our advertisers.

We launched performance advertising platform for mobile app about six months ago in India and South East Asia, and have made significant progress in helping app developers grow post-install engagement through our data-powered, programmatic platform. RevX helps app developer engage with their app users on 15000 other distinct apps with highly-targeted, personalized ads, and automatically optimizes media buy to deliver on marketers ROI goals.

Allow me to introduce you to Nick. Nick works as a Campaign Manager for an E-commerce giant. In his free time, he enjoys tap dancing. He has had a successful career so far and is recently made responsible for running the company's remarketing efforts in a new geography. In the absence of information about geography specific parameters that would fetch him desired results, Nick, smart guy that he is, uses lessons from the existing market.

Adaptive Ads

A banner ad typically is a rectangular advertisement placed on websites either on top, bottom or sides of the website’s regular content. Here are the 3 most important parts of a banner ad-

1. Call to action

2. Color, images, and background

3. Value proposition

A digital identity is data that uniquely describes a person. This unique identity may not necessarily be traceable to an actual person, yet it helps in providing a very rich experience. Publishers can use this information to show personalized content on their websites and DSPs may use this to show highly personalized creative.

A digital identity is the lifeblood of the advertising ecosystem and it is this identity that helps differentiate an online advertising medium from its mass channel counterparts. Identity is used in all stages of advertising – namely collection, identification, personalization and attribution.

Since its launch in 2012, Facebook Exchange has seen phenomenal success in delivering ROI to clients and the birth of several ad technology companies that help leverage the power of real time bidding to drive the very best out of FBX. RevX has been working with clients to scale remarketing on FBX through innovations in dynamic creative technology and advanced optimization algorithms since early 2013.

While FBX is a powerful channel on its own, there is more to remarketing on Facebook. For one, FBX does not allow for cross-device targeting i.e. being able to target customers who have dropped off the website on one device and showing relevant ads when they are logged into Facebook from their other devices. This is largely a limitation of cookie based user identification used by FBX ad partners to identify and bid on users in real-time. 

Another day begins with customers expecting a further growth in their revenue and high quality performance. Our Retargeting Platform RevX is designed to keep all requirements at one place with a smart design to meet customer’s expectations.

We at RevX, understand the importance of transactions/visits and the ROI expectations of clients. So the built-in model and machine learning algorithms around CPC/CPT (cost per click/cost per transaction) aim to bid relevantly based on campaign, inventory and user signals. This helps in optimizing the campaign to drive required scale and quality visits/transactions at minimal RTB inventory costs from SSP’s.

We all know that ads personalized to each user drive better engagement and higher conversion rates. With the objective of strengthening its remarketing solution, Facebook recently launched the support for “Dynamic Product Ads” through their select marketing partners. RevX platform supports and builds on Facebook’s native dynamic ads solution to drive maximum performance for advertisers looking to remarket to users who have dropped off the website or mobile app.