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Dynamic Retargeting

Dynamic Retargeting
Increase revenue by retargeting your active mobile users with dynamic product ads
Retarget active mobile users with dynamic product ads to increase conversion- RevX
Product or category page in a mobile app showing user leaving without making a purchase icon- RevX

User checks out a product but leaves without buying

Interstitial dynamic personalized ad in mobile retargeted to a user using RTB- RevX

RevX targets this user across RTB exchanges with dynamic, personalized ads

Checkout or Thank you page in a mobile app showing Transaction Successfully Completed using a dynamic ad- RevX

Ad leads user back to specific product and drives transaction

Audience Segmentation

Bring back shopping cart abandoners to drive transaction, convert casual browsers into purchasers or sell more products to the past converters. RevX gives unparalleled flexibility in retargeting users for achieving your marketing objective.

Personalize dynamic banner and native ads by RevX to retarget mobile app user in real-time based on browsing behavior interest, and intent

Dynamic Creatives

Personalize ads for every user in real-time, based on browsing behavior, interest, and intent. RevX delivers a delightful and relevant ad experience with advanced features like rich HTML5 templates, native ads and deeplinking, under-pinned by a product recommendation algorithm.

Predictive Modeling

Achieve ROI through data-driven optimization. Predictive models process millions of interactions to improve campaign performance on a continuous basis and leverage complex signals to buy media at right price for every user.

Increase in Conversion Rate icon - RevX

Increase in Conversion Rate

Increase in RoAS icon - RevX

Increase in RoAS

Increase in Customer Re-engagement retargeting icon - RevX

Increase in Customer Engagement