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Dynamic App install

Dynamic App install
Acquire quality new users through a data-driven approach to app install marketing
Dynamic App Install Process
Audience segmentation based on user transacting behavior - RevX

RevX intelligently learns behavior of your transacting or engaged users

Find and target new and similar users - RevX

RevX finds new, similar users and targets them with engaging app install ads

Quality app install driven by - RevX

RevX drives quality app installs with high conversion probability and increased LTV

Acquire Quality Users

Acquire new users similar to your most engaged users. Our algorithms build app profiles and identify users who are most likely to take action post-install and target them with engaging ads across the RTB ecosystem.

Dynamic app install interstitial ad in mobile- RevX

Dynamic Install Ads

Increase install and engagement rate by personalizing app install ads. RevX delivers dynamically personalized install ads based on user and app attributes such as demographic, location, app category and product recommendations tailored for each user.

Predictive Modeling

RevX continuously learns and adjusts budgets, ad exposures and other targeting parameters to achieve optimized cost per install and higher engagement post install.

Customer Life Time Value Icon

Increase in Customer LTV

Mobile App Uninstall Icon

Drop in Uninstall Rate

Mobile App User Engagement Icon

Increase in User Engagement