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Dormant User Activation

Dormant User Activation
Increase LTV of mobile users by re-engaging dormant or lapsed users
Process to activate and re-enagge dormant or lapsed mobile app users through dynamic ads - RevX
Dormant app user icon - the user who installs app but never opens - RevX

User installs the app but never opens or has become inactive

Dynamic and personalized Banner ad in mobile showing engaging promotional offers - RevX

RevX targets this user across RTB exchanges with engaging promotional or brand ads

App product page opened in mobile upon clicking on the retargeted dynamic ad and user is browsing the app- RevX

Ad leads user back to app. RevX continues to drive engagement & reduces churn

Dormant User Segmentation

Increase LTV of acquired users by retargeting dormant or lapsed users. RevX can create segments based on different inactivity period and execute separate marketing strategies to drive higher engagement at the most optimal cost.

Data driven marketing using predictive models for higher conversion raete icon- RevX Mobile Marketing Platfform


Predictive Modeling

Optimize reach and the cost of re-engaging dormant or lapsed users. Our predictive engine evaluates multiple attributes like app quality, frequency cap, device characteristics, creative messaging and quality to reach maximum users and optimize cost per re-engaged user.

Dormant Users Reactivation result driven by RevX

Dormant Users Reactivated

Increase in App Launch or App Session driven by RevX

Increase in App Launch

Increase in Conversion or App Monetization or Transaction delivered by RevX

Increase in Conversion