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Drive brand awareness through high-quality native content ads
Retargeting Users With In Feed Native Ads on Mobile

Brand Awareness

Enhance your brand's awareness and affinity by reaching out to users through high quality, in-feed, native ad placements. Leverage the power of native to place your brand where it will create the biggest impact.

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Content Marketing

Increase the reach of your content marketing beyond social channels by reaching users via native formats on the device that they use the most - mobile. Say goodbye to interruptive advertising.

Powered Targeting

Leverage RevX's audience engine and multiply the power of your data to improve campaign performance. New buyers, first time visitors, loyal customers and more - combine the power of programmatic with first and third party data to target specific audiences that you want to reach.

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Ad Units

Native ads adapt to the look and feel of the content of the property where they are shown. Reach users across multiple native formats like in-feed placements, recommendation widgets, carousel formats and more to drive higher view ability and engagement.

Brand Safe Impressions

250 Billion
Monthly Brand Safe Impressions

Unique Users

530 million
Unique Users Available

Click Through Rate

> 1 %
Click Through Rate