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Audience Intelligence

Audience Intelligence
Customer experience begins with understanding your users
Discover New Target Customers

  • With aiCube, build a holistic profile of 1.5B verified mobile users globally based on the category of apps used, types of content consumed, user demographic profile, device attributes, and more.
  • Create right user segments for your brand awareness or user acquisition campaigns through behavioral analysis and look-a-like models to help you reach new target customers.

Re-Engage and Retain Your Users

  • Onboard your existing user data through seamless integration and dynamically build a variety of user cohorts for your different marketing objectives.
  • Retarget your active app users to convert them into paying customers, proactively engage with valuable users at risk of churn or resurrect the lapsed customers.

Personalize Marketing Messaging

Every user is unique and so needs to be the marketing message.

  • With aiCube automatically understand the unique behavior of users based on their interaction with your brand.
  • Personalize ad creatives at an individual user level, and continuously optimize for the best user experience and marketing ROI.

Solutions Powered by aiCube

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