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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence
Transform your marketing effort with machine learning
Spend Money Where It Counts

Programmatic technology brings a unique capability to pick the best from the available 40B+ impressions daily. aiCube applies data intelligence and machine learning to match every impression to the right target audience and bid at the right price to spend marketing budget where it counts.

Precisely Value Every User

It’s important to allocate your marketing budgets to acquire, engage, and retain the most valuable users. aiCube continuously learns about your users, automatically segments them into thousands of micro-segments, and precisely values every user based on your marketing objective to maximize the value, scale, and performance.

Harness Your Data to Find New Users

Behaviors and attributes of your existing customers are the best predictors of your prospective customers. aiCube’s look-a-like model applies clustering algorithms to evaluate the similarity of prospective users with your current, high-value users, and targets them programmatically to acquire new customers.

Quality Score for Every App Publisher

Our platform connects to 1.2M+ app publishers across 20+ exchanges programmatically. To maintain high-grade quality, aiCube filters out fraudulent and brand unsafe publishers. Further, it applies algorithms to rank every publisher on a quality scale based on the app store data, programmatic attributes, and historical campaign performance.

Solutions Powered by aiCube

App Retargeting

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User Acquisition

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Brand Experience

Discover and inspire the most relevant users

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