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Mobile Marketing Meetup (M3) is a learning and networking event specially targeted for today’s digital marketers. We started the M3 forum with a goal of bringing like-minded professionals and help them meet, network and explore latest developments in mobile marketing.

The Bangalore chapter of M3 saw attendees across different domains like e-commerce, healthcare and travel. The panelists, Piyush Bhargav (Ajio), Deepak Gandotra (Flipkart), Sanjay Trisal (AppsFlyer) and Mukesh Agarwal (RevX), shared actionable, practical and effective insights into various aspects of app marketing. The discussion captured vast array of topics like:

  1. What’s the right moment for a business to start thinking about developing a mobile app?
  2. Importance of having a decisive app strategy in place to achieve effective results
  3. Best practices for a developer to make app ready from marketing perspective- UA/Retargeting
  4. How to combat fraud?
  5. Importance of tracking customer LTV
  6. Key metrics to evaluate customer engagement and retargeting partners performance
  7. How to leverage retargeting to translate marketing strategies into real dollar value?

It was then followed by a brief Q&A session with proactive participation from the attendees which added further value to the discussion. We would again like to thank everyone for choosing to be a part of the Mobile Marketing Meetup (M3).


Check out the photos of the meetup.

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