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About RevX

Our mission is to help grow online businesses profitably with data-driven, predictive marketing technology.

RevX is a technology company that offers mobile advertising products to help marketers acquire, engage, retain and drive transactions for their mobile users. The RevX platform delivers highly personalized mobile-ads based on deep insights into users’ browsing behavior. It leverages vast amounts of data and a predictive software algorithm to optimize marketing spend. The platform provides unparalleled reach through mobile programmatic exchanges and leading social channels. Mobile marketers use RevX’s solutions to increase retention rates and engage their mobile users with personalized messages.


RevX is led by Microsoft, Bain and Wharton alumni, backed by leading VC’s such as Norwest, Nexus, Helion, DFJ and Peepul Capital.

How We Do It

We build products that convert complicated ad-tech problems into simple, innovative, intuitive and easy-to-use solutions that leverage data and machine intelligence.

Our Team

RevX’s most valuable asset is its people. The RevX team consists of ad-tech enthusiasts who love to solve large scale problems related to programmatic media buying, predictive analytics, big data and scalable, real-time systems.